My Why for Starting an Internet Marketing Business

I am here at the Weekend Marketer Live in Las Vegas with Connie Ragen Green, aka The Marketing Madwoman.  This event, a workshop for Internet Marketers who still have a J-O-B is the long awaited focal point of my fall, and I will confess  that when my flight was cancelled at the last minute and I was told I would probably not make it out of Massachusetts in time for the first day, I did not take it in stride.  I’m not a “crier”, but US Airways just about reduced me to tears with one phone call.Connie and Cheryl

One of the first things I was challenged to do here was to think of and write down my “reason why”.  Why am I here; why am I spending time, resources and effort in order to have a successful internet business? What is my motivation that will make me do something to move me closer to my goals at the end of a long day when all I really want to do is put my feet up or watch a baseball game?

The answer or answers to this question are multiple and have been floating around in my head for a while, but to solidify them and commit them to paper was an interesting and focusing exercise.

My first “reason why” is my husband, Rob, whom I love more than I can say.  He is my best friend, and being here without him is a stark reminder of the truth that we often tell each other…together, we have one brain.  I miss him, which is a very good thing.  My first reason why is so we don’t have to be limited in how we live our lives by financial resources, being focused on ourselves and our day to day stuff, and can instead focus on doing good and making a difference to those people and creatures around us.  This would give both of us great joy.

My niece, Kate and her future husband, Ricky, are also on my list.  Kate’s mom passed away when she was very young, and to have the resources to help them purchase a home would be amazing.  Kate is our girl…

For Rob and me, buying 3-5 acres of land in the Fairhaven, MA area and building a house and a barn would be heaven.  We could then expand our adoption of homeless animals, both domestic and farm.  Animals have such dignity and depth.  We get that about them and would love to have the resources to give more of them the wonderful lives they deserve.  Along with this, having the resources to write a check to my shelter, The Buddy Dog Humane Society, when an animal with special health challenges and needs is surrendered would give me great satisfaction.

I’m someone who would rather go to an antique car show than shop at Nordstrom’s or go to a beauty salon, so to be able to restore our 1960 MGA roadster to its deserved condition inside and out would be a rush.  That car just wants to go!  We drove it to Pittsburgh from Boston one summer a few years ago to an antique car race and rally.  It runs great, but is very original and needs to have its own day behind the Red Door.My 1960 MGA Roadster

Finally, on my “reason why” list is a relatively recent goal.  I have great respect for the American Indians and for their culture.  Their belief that the earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth, really resonates with me.  I have great shame at what was done to them by Western Europeans when we “settled” this country.  To do my very tiny part, I would love to be in a position to sponsor an American Indian in getting a college education.

This was an interesting exercise, and as I read it over, it strikes me that it was almost like ordering a meal from an infinite “a la carte” menu.

This is it; this is my “reason why” list.  We are only through the mid-point of the second of three days here, but now I feel my “reason why” list, though it may be filled with lofty ideas and notions, seems much more attainable than it did a mere day and a half ago.

Cheryl Major